Buff Browz The Basic Brush Collection

Buff Browz The Basic Brush Collection


The Basic Brush Collection features five brushes, each specially designed to treat different parts of the brow. These brushes can be used to aid the pre-drawing process for SPMU, brow maintenance and makeup artists. However, they are also the perfect tool for highlighting and adding extra definition to the brow area.


Britney: Our classic highlighter brush. Featuring super soft bristles, this brush can be used to apply highlighter and/or to the brow area.

Rhi Rhi: Slightly narrower than the average highlighter brush, Rhi Rhi is perfect for touching up the lower brow area. The brush hairs are well-compact, ensuring precise results.

Whitney: The ideal brush for blending pencil hair strokes, creating a fuller-bodied brow.

Queen B: Small but mighty, Queen B is perfect for treating those hard-to-reach areas and creating high definition results.

J-Lo: She is perfectly angled, she is fine! She is perfect for creating ultra-fine hair strokes through the brow. She is amazing for use with henna